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Exterminex In Ground Sleeve

The Exterminex in ground sleeve has 3 functions. 1) It prolongs the lifespan of timber 2) Prevents soil entering the station surging setting period 3) Acts as an attractant. The Exterminex IG sleeve is available separately however recommended for all installations.

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Getting The Most From Your Bait

Exterminex highly palatable bait containing attractants and feeding stimulants will work in every situation if you follow the manual. To ensure you are getting the most from your bait it is vital to inspect the property first. Identifying hot spots where termites are active. This enables correct placement. Placing bait upon areas of damage does…

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Exterminex Asia Pacific Workshop 2018

The Exterminex Asia Pacific Workshop was hosted in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with great success. The Exterminex Asia Pacific Workshop hosted Exterminex Installers and Distributers from over 10 countries. The event provided in-depth and hands on training from experts Dr Shawn Cheng entomologist and also Dr Don Ewart and his assistant Ron Smith and…

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