Baiting Systems

Exterminex Baiting System

Exterminex termite baiting system offers two types of systems, namely above ground baiting system and in-ground baiting system. The objective of termite baiting is to place a food source that contains toxicant. Foraging termites that find the baits will consume and share the food containing the toxicant with its nest mates including the Queen and the King through a process called trophallaxis. Elimination process may require approximately 2 to 12 weeks depending on the size of the colony, typically between 6 to 8 weeks.

In-Ground System (IG)

An in-ground baiting system is typically installed in-ground surrounding a building every 3 meters. It acts as a monitoring station and also a point where once termites are intercepted. Once termites are intercepted, the bait containing the active ingredient will be placed in the monitoring station to eliminate the colony.


Above Ground System (AG)

An above ground baiting system typically delivers bait with toxicant directly to the termite trails from exposed mud trail above ground, i.e. on walls, ceilings, trees, and furniture etc. An above ground station is used to treat termites if identified in a building. Once the colony has been eradicated the above-ground stations are removed and the in-ground system installed and used as an early warning for a future attack.



Termite baits usually comprise of luring compound/attractant, alpha cellulose and toxicant. The bait may be moistened with water to emulate the food and environment termites prefer.

Exterminex offers the latest state-of-the-art technology in termite baiting. Exterminex is the result of years of research understanding the behaviour and preference of termites in foraging and selecting their food source. It is the most palatable termite bait available and this bait is being sealed packed to preserve the freshness and attractiveness to termites.

Mode of Action

Chlorfluazuron is an insect growth regulator inhibiting chitin synthesis in insects. Chitin is the main component in the exoskeletons of all insects, including termites. Termites poisoned by chlorfluazuron will not be able to synthesize chitin to repair their exoskeletons, possibly damaged by physical activities or molting. This unique active ingredient will disrupt and hinder the growth of termites which will eventually kill them as they attempt to molt. Workers will slowly die over weeks causing shortage of workers to forage for food and maintain the colony. The poisoned colony suffers from food shortage is weakened and is susceptible to colonization by other parasites and all these events will eventually eliminate the colony.

The Preferred Bait

Exterminex bait matrix uses highly refined alpha cellulose that does not contain any chemical impurities that repels termites. Exterminex also contains specific amounts of alluring compounds and feeding stimulants (both patent pending) that will ensure aggressive feeding. Once Exterminex bait is intercepted, termites will not hesitate to consume all available Exterminex bait over the other available food source. This in turn helps to minimize the wooden structural damage to infested properties as well as delivery of sufficient active ingredient to eliminate the termite colony. Exterminex comes complete with both in-ground and above-ground bait stations, ensuring ease of use and delivers successful elimination of termite colonies, surely!

Comparative studies have proven that termites prefer Exterminex over many other baits due to its palatability.

Exterminex is just “too sweet to be a poison” to termites.

Active Ingredient

Exterminex utilizes a slow acting insect growth regulator, chlorfluazuron as the toxicant. Chlorfluazuron has been proven in many types of scientific research. Chlorfluazuron at small percentages is nondetectable, thus, does not repel termites and is potent against a wide range of economically important termite species such as:

Coptotermes acinaciformis
Coptotermes curvignathus
Coptotermes frenchi
Coptotermes formosanus
Coptotermes gestroi
Coptotermes vastator
Globitermes sulphurous
Heterotermes ferox
Macrotermes gilvus
Microtermes spp.
Reticulitermes spp.
Schedorhinotermes spp.

Exterminex uses alluring agents and feeding stimulants combined with non-bleached pure form cellulose with pure chlorfluazuron to ensure zero detection of the toxicant by termites. If the active ingredient is detected by termites as a toxicant, the termites will stop feeding and move to other food sources and the termite colony will survive the slight setback due to the killing of some of the nestmates. Chlorfluazuron is a highly stable molecule, able to withstand enzymatic breakdown ensuring trophallaxis to ensure that the active ingredient is passed on to all nest mates while retaining its potency and efficacy. Chlorfluazuron is a slow toxicant, allowing termites to share poisoned food with their nest mates all the way back to the Queen and the King.