Termite Management


Preventive measures form part of current Australian Standard Requirements during preconstruction when a termiticide or a physical barrier is installed onto the concrete slab or foundations during the actual construction of the property. These barriers generally are designed to expose termite activity. Australian standard states that termites can bridge any form of a barrier and annual inspections should be maintained.

Australian Standard also promotes the use of integrated systems to reduce the risk of termite attack. Exterminex Termite Baiting And Monitoring System does that and more. By installing monitoring stations we are implementing a risk-reduction program that not only acts as an early warning for termite activity, however also enables the opportunity to apply bait to the stations to obtain colony elimination of subterranean nests that are unidentifiable.


Monitoring is generally an annual program that includes checking the stations and applying the bait when termites are intercepted, Monitoring stations are set up at the perimeter of the property by the Pest Control Firm to intercept and detect the presence of foraging subterranean termites.

These stations are loaded with special untreated luring wood and maintained by your local Professional Pest Control Company (PCO).

Monitoring Station

Risk Reduction

In addition to having an Exterminex termite management system installed to the perimeter of the building, it is essential to maintain annual inspections. Annual inspections should form the basis of any termite management program and these inspections must be carried out by a licensed and insured professional. A professional pest inspector will also advise of high-risk areas and provide additional information on how to reduce the risk of termite infestation around your property.

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