Exterminex™ The Preferred Bait

Preferred By Termites

Exterminex™ is one of the most attractive termite baits available. A Natural form matrix containing highly refined most preferred physical form of alpha cellulose base that is fortified with alluring compounds and feeding stimulants.


Subterranean termites do not show reluctance or hesitation on Exterminex™. Termites will find their way into the Exterminex™ bait station instead of foraging on the existing food source (infested property structure or wood source).


Once termites start feeding on Exterminex™, they will not be able to resist.

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Preferred By Professionals

Complete range

Exterminex termite baiting system provides a complete range of products to Professional Pest Control Operators. This system consists of in-ground monitoring stations, above-ground bait station and Exterminex termite bait for total solution and colony elimination program.

Ease of handling

Exterminex is delivered in professional packaging for ease of handling. Baits are sealed to ensure freshness and palatability.

Simplicity in installation

Quick and precise installations to meet property owners’ needs and requirements, minimal interruption to the owners' property.


Exterminex contains a very specific toxicant, highly effective against infesting termites only. It has extremely low mammalian toxicity; accidental poisoning during handling and installation is virtually impossible.


No bait shyness, consistent efficacy resulting in fewer revisits and reworks.

Preferred By Property Owners

Homes (Residential/Strata/Landlord)

Businesses (Shops/Warehouses/Factories)

Simplicity in installation

Does not alter or damage the property or the interior design (no knocking, hacking or drilling required). AG Installation is completed within minutes, IG within an hour or so!

Ease of Mind

Does not disturb household activities, the baits placed in the installed stations are working away silently eliminating the termites.


The bait placed in the bait station is odourless to humans or pets.


Typically eradicates termite by eliminating the colony within 2 to 12 weeks.


Exterminex bait is formulated specifically against subterranean termites.

Options of Monitoring

Exterminex monitoring wood blocks and monitoring stations are available as options for detecting early termite foraging activity within the perimeter of the property. Monitoring luring wood blocks are specifically manufactured using termite timber that is attractive to termites.

In general, protection against damage by termites on a cellulose based material is safer and focusus on colony elimination where traditional chemicals cannot. This lowers the risk of reinfestation.



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