The Preferred Termite Bait

We've done the research and development to ensure our end users receive a highly consistent & effective product. What sets Exterminex apart from other termite bait is our unique and highly palatable recipe.

Exterminex™, A Non-bleached refined cellulose, produced from a natural source. Exterminexprovides Proffesionals a more palatable termite bait matrix with organic luring compounds and feeding stimulants with proven active chlorfluazuron.

Preferred by termites and preferred by industry professionals.

Over 500,000+ Colonies Eliminated Worldwide

Exterminex is proven by research and development obtaining registration to have currently eliminated over 21 species of termites in over 20 countries and counting.

This includes but not limited to:

Coptotermes, Nasuteitermes, Macrotermes, Schedorhinotermes, Reticulitermes, Heterotermes, Microtermes and more.

Complete Termite Management System

Exterminex provides solutions for remedial above ground (AG) treatments and also a full in-ground (IG) management system for long term protection for your clients most valuable asset.

Exterminex Highly Palatable Termite Bait 3Kg x 30, Above Ground Stations, 80mm & 110mm RTI In Ground Stations, Duo Type Timber Replacement, Installation Multi Auger and Quick Lock Key Openers.

Backed By Training & Support

Exterminex is over a decade in the making. The result of extensive research and development by industry professionals. A solution to providing experts a palatable termite bait & management system.

Join The Exterminex family and receive ongoing support and training to assist in managing your clients most valuable assets.

Preferred By Professionals, Preferred by termites


On Target Every Time

Palatable termite bait that is designed to ensure interception with foraging termites patterns with zero waste.


Proven With Destructive Species

More than 90.1% of major termite species that are known to destroy homes feed actively on Exterminex Bait Matrix.


A Long-Term Solution

Designed by industry professionals. Exterminex comes with a durable and innovative termite management system.


Support & Training

Exterminex provides support and training to the professional pest control operator. Click to book a one on one training session.

What Makes Exterminex The Professional Pest Control Operators #1 Choice.

 No Site Fees & Freedom of Use

Guarantee Termite Colony Elimination

 24-7 Training & Support

Backed By Research & Development

Increase Buisness Productivity

Safe For Your Staff & Your Clients

Exterminex Termite Bait

The Exterminex termite baiting system and highly attractive termite bait provides the professional pest control operator an affordable and superior product with complete freedom of use for Stage 1 Treatment or Stage 2 Management without site fees.

Exterminex forms a complete professional termite management system with a selection of in ground stations, termite bait, interceptors, installation equipment, backed by support and innovation.

Station Timber

Become An Exteminex Authorised Applicator (EAA) Today!

Register below for benefits that include training, support and accreditation.

Exterminex is the most attractive termite bait available, containing highly refined most preferred physical form of alpha cellulose matrix, bait fortified with alluring compounds and feeding stimulants. Attractiveness - Subterranean termites do not show reluctance or hesitation on Exterminex. Termites will find their way into the Exterminex bait station instead of foraging on the existing food source (infested property structure or wood source). Palatability - Once termites start feeding on Exterminex, they will not be able to resist. Long Term Solution - Exterminex provides a quality, durable proven termite baiting and monitoring system that complies with AS 3660 to protect your clients most valuable asset with no site fees.

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