Exterminex Asia Pacific Workshop 2023

The Exterminex Asia Pacific Conference in Bogor, Indonesia: A Showcase of Innovation in Pest Management

The recent Exterminex Asia Pacific Conference held in Bogor, Indonesia, hosted by PT Segoro, our Indonesian Distributor, brought together industry professionals, experts and our distributors from 16 countries in pest management to explore and discuss the latest advancements in the field. The event focused on workshops and events aimed at improving the understanding and application of Exterminex Termite Bait and Management System, as well as strategies for enhancing business growth through effective proposals and planning using Exterminex. With the talk of discontinuation of certain Termiticides throughout the world and already in place in certain countries, the conference emphasised the importance of baiting and monitoring as a proven, safe and reliable method for termite control and confirmed colony elimination.

Exterminex Termite Bait: A Safe and Effective Solution:

One of the highlights of the conference was the spotlight on Exterminex Termite Bait, a highly palatable

bait that has gained popularity in over 16 countries worldwide. What sets this product apart is its non bleached natural form matrix, the 99.9 % of the product that termites feed on, making it highly palatable, user-friendly and environmentally conscious. Backed by extensive research and support, Exterminex Termite Bait offers pest managers a reliable and effective solution for termite control.

Workshops by Industry Experts:
The Asia Pacific Conference featured workshops hosted by two Australian industry experts – Shannon Vickary from Pink Pest Control and Shannon Kitchener from The Local Pest Control Company. Shannon Vickary’s from Pink Termite & Pest Experts was awarded the Best Performer in Australia, showcasing his expertise in the field. Shannon’s workshop focused on sharing insights and strategies to improve business performance using Exterminex Termite Bait.

Shannon Kitchener, on the other hand, provided hands-on workshops to educate clients in Asia on how to inspect and treat termites according to the Australian Standard. This practical approach allowed participants to gain valuable knowledge and skills to effectively combat termite infestations and apply methods that may improve businesses in Asia using Australian standards.

Business Growth and Collaboration:

The conference emphasised the importance of leveraging proposals and planning to maximize the benefits of Exterminex Termite Bait. Technical presentations and information regarding termite feeding patterns and species were held by our own Dr Zack Zakaria termite etymologist. In addition, Mr Vijayan Jeyaseelan provided Pest managers information by encouragement to explore new business opportunities and strategies to ensure a sustainable annual return on investment. The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration, enabling professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, fostering growth and innovation within the industry.

The Asia Pacific Conference held in Bogor, was a remarkable event that showcased Exterminex latest advancements and developments in the production and manufacture of termite management products and systems, the conference also provided valuable insights, workshops, and networking opportunities for pest managers in the Asia Pacific region. By embracing safe, proven and effective solutions like Exterminex Termite Bait and leveraging proposals and planning, pest managers can ensure successful business growth while contributing to the elimination of termite colonies.

Dion Peters

Managing Director

Exterminex Australia