Palatability of Bait

What makes Exterminex a palatable bait is the fact that Exterminex is a natural form of alpha cellulose. Pest Control Operators will see the striking difference when they first use Exterminex, in smell, colour and texture.

Exterminex bait has been trialed and tested for over a decade and when it comes to bait, Exterminex is as pure as it can be to a natural food source.

Baiting products vary and some may discourage feeding or be slow on initial intake and this may be due to the fact that a cheaper bait matrix may have been formulated with highly processed, bleached, pharmaceutical grade powder, that could in turn be contaminated in the process thus deterring feeding.

Exterminex is food for termites, Our recipe is tasty and not processed!

Baits are not just baits. When baiting termites as a professional, quick uptake means quick distribution throughout the colony to intercept all moulting stages.

Exterminex is available to licensed pest control operators, contact us today to become a registered Exterminex Authorised Applicator (EAA)